It’s time to wake up the treasury


HM Treasury: The heart of UK austerity

Brighton and Hove: Join us to wake up the Treasury!

Saturday, 13 February, meet 10am at Brighton Station

Wake up the Conservative government ministers to the cuts hitting Brighton and Hove and the reality of public sector cuts!

Play a musical instrument, sing, blow a whistle, ring a bell or bang a drum before we hand a letter in to the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

The Treasury, Horse Guards Rd, London SW1A 2HQ.

We will be meeting by the piano in Brighton Station at 10am to catch 10:18 to Victoria. Once in London we will be marching to the Treasury to make as much noise as possible and to deliver our letter.

More details:
for further queries please email [email protected]

The cuts must stop now!

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