Greens hail small victory for residents parking scheme


Green councillors this week commended residents in the Fiveways area for their outstanding work campaigning for a controlled parking scheme, which secured a commitment from the Labour-led council to reconsider their decision to exclude the area from parking measures. Greens welcomed the Labour decision to re-consult on a new scheme for the area in the summer, while expressing disappointment that more decisive action was not taken to move ahead more quickly with the scheme.

The campaign saw a team of residents going door-to-door to canvass residents for their views on introducing a scheme. As a result of their tireless efforts, they secured petition signatures from over 50% of all households in the area in support of a controlled parking scheme. Campaigners presented the petition to the Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee on Tuesday calling on the Council to reverse the decision taken in November to exclude these roads from the new Fiveways parking scheme. Campaigners claimed the November decision was based on a poor consultation which did not make the impact of neighbouring schemes clear to residents.

The campaigners were supported by Green councillors who urged their fellow councillors to agree to their request. While the request was rebuffed, Labour agreed to revisit the issue this summer.

Green councillor and spokesperson on environment, transport and sustainability, Pete West said:

“While we welcome Labour’s commitment to revisit the issue, it is a shame that the committee did not seize the opportunity to make immediate changes to their plans after such a significant showing of support from residents. There was a real chance to save money by introducing a single scheme for the whole area now, rather than holding a consultation on a second scheme in the summer.

“Parking for these roads cannot be seen in isolation. Once neighbouring schemes are put in place, the displacement of cars will see residents in these roads facing even more difficulty parking outside their homes.

“Campaigners have showed up the Labour council by talking to more residents than responded to the formal council consultation. It’s a shame Labour and Conservative councillors couldn’t respond more constructively to this work, but we hope there is now light at the end of the tunnel for residents. We will be sure to hold the committee to account in taking this issue forward in the summer”.



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