We are proud of our track-record in difficult times for city


Thank you to Brighton and Hove voters for electing 11 Green councillors on Thursday.

  • We’ll honour voters’ trust to rejuvenate our city, building on four years of progress – including living wage, safer roads, a greener city and more affordable homes
  • We’ll use our influence on the council to make the difference for those who elected us
  • We’ll hold Labour and Tories to account for their decisions and ensure our voters have a voice.

Tom Druitt, Chair of Brighton and Hove Green Party and newly elected councillor:

“This election was always going to be difficult and I’m pleased we have 11 Greens elected so we remain a strong voice on the council.

“We are extremely proud of what we have helped to achieve for the city over the last four years. We promise to challenge others whenever they fail the people we represent and we’ll always defend those most in need wherever cuts fall.

“In 2011 our city made history by electing UK’s first Green-led Council. Since then the city has suffered unprecedented cuts of £80 million. Despite this, we have protected public services and kick-started regeneration in the city by attracting close to £100 million in outside funding at no cost to local budgets.

“And we are also proud to have introduced the living wage so that low paid workers get fair pay in our high cost city.

“Finally, I would like to pay tribute to all of our outgoing councillors, in particular our past convenors Bill Randall and Jason Kitcat, who have worked tirelessly to make Brighton & Hove a greener and fairer city.

Phélim MacCafferty, councillor for Brunswick & Adelaide:

“The national political picture looks very bleak but Greens in Brighton and Hove can still make a difference to the people who elected us.

“The new Conservative Government has committed to continuing their savage austerity programme and willimpose a colossal £90 million in cuts to Brighton & Hove by 2020.

“We’ll work hard over the next four years to bring together everyone in the city who are determined to challenge austerity, safeguard services and protect those most at risk from this Tory Government.”

Amanda Knight, newly elected Green councillor for Goldsmid: 

“I stood for election because I am passionate about protecting and improving the public services that we all depend on.

“I’m thrilled the people of Goldsmid have put their trust in me and I pledge to do my best for them and the whole city.

As a single mother I understand the pain that further austerity will bring. I will do my best to challenge the Tory Government and the local council leadership when the people who elected me face hardship.”


Green councillors were returned in the following wards:

Brunswick & Adelaide: Phélim MacCafferty, Ollie Sykes
Goldsmid: Amanda Knight
Hanover & Elm Grove: David Gibson, Dick Page
Preston Park: Leo Littman
Regency: Tom Druitt, Alexandra Phillips
St Peter’s & North Laine: Lizzie Deane, Louisa Greenbaum, Pete West

Full results available on Brighton & Hove City Council Website at www.brighton-hove.gov.uk/content/council-and-democracy/voting-and-elections/brighton-hove-city-council-election-may-2015

For more information please contact the Brighton and Hove Green Party office on 01273 766 670 or email [email protected]



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