Caroline consolidating lead in Pavilion


  • Forecasts suggest Caroline Lucas has consolidated her lead in Brighton Pavilion constituency
  • Indicators point to voting For Caroline Lucas as the best way to keep the Conservatives out

Polls, pundits and bookies indicate a lead for Caroline Lucas in Brighton Pavilion over her Labour and Conservative opponents.

Green campaign managers are confident in saying that there is only one candidate who is guaranteed to stop the Conservatives, and that is Caroline Lucas.

A range of polling forecasts maintain that Caroline – named MP of the Year 2014 – will retain her seat on polling day, with the New Statesman seat calculator giving her a 9.69% majority.

The latest Lord Ashcroft poll has also suggested a strong position, giving Caroline a 10-point lead on Labour over its previous poll; while respected pollster Peter Kellner, President of the YouGov polling company and former BBC Newsnight political analyst, has predicted Caroline will successfully defend her 1,252 majority.

Green Party Target Constituencies Campaign Manager Adam Mcgibbon said: “No poll or prediction is conclusive – and there’s certainly no room for complacency, but the strong trend across a variety of polling indicators is for Caroline to be re-elected as MP for Brighton Pavilion.

“This is a real encouragement. It’s first and foremost a tribute to the people of Brighton who made history when they elected the first Green MP to Westminster in 2010 as well as Caroline’s supporters, who’ve been brilliant, and reflects what we’re hearing on the doorsteps daily.

“Caroline’s been an outstanding local MP – even her opponents admit it. She’s shown what one MP can really do – her track record speaks for itself and her constituents are very vocal in their praise. She’s stood up for them relentlessly and shone in Parliament. We need her to continue that work, being our independently-minded voice holding politicians to account and pressing Labour, in particular, to be the party its supporters really want to see it be – whether it’s on the NHS, affordable housing, cutting fuel bills or keeping public services in public hands.

“These forecasts send a clear message – if you want to stop the Tories in Brighton Pavilion, you need to vote for Caroline.”



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