On Trans Day of Remembrance, Greens pause to commemorate

Green councillors and party members attended a community memorial service and vigil in Brighton on Sunday 23rd November as part of the International Trans Day of Remembrance.

The memorial is dedicated to trans people worldwide who have been murdered or have suffered violence because of hatred towards their gender identity and gender expression.

Although not every person represented self-identified as trans, each was a victim of violence based on bias against transgender people.

Ahead of the vigil Green councillor Phélim Mac Cafferty said, “This memorial and vigil will be extremely poignant. We will be remembering trans people who have suffered murder, violence and brutality.

“One of those was a member of our own community in Brighton, Andrea Waddell. In 2009, this well liked, sociable, life-loving woman was murdered in her own home, here in our city.

On Sunday we will remember Andrea and everyone else who has suffered.

“We know that the trans community are far more likely to have suicidal thoughts and have poorer access to health because bigotry and prejudice are still harming trans people. So it is especially important to show our solidarity with the Trans community today.”

Councillor Mac Cafferty last year led the groundbreaking work of the council’s Trans Scrutiny Panel, which examined the needs and discrimination faced by people who identify as trans.

The memorial event was held at Dorset Gardens Methodist Church, which hosts the weekly drop-in of the Clare Project.

It was a multi-faith memorial, open and welcoming to everyone, regardless of faith or non belief. The venue is also wheelchair accessible.

It included speakers from the community and singing by the Rainbow Chorus.

Attendees were asked to ‘build’ the wall of remembrance by placing the names of the dead on the wall.

There will be a minute’s applause to acknowledge those who have died.

The service was organised by the Trans Alliance, a forum which brings together the trans organisations of Brighton & Hove for mutual support and partnership working.


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