Well-known former Labour councillor backs Green candidate in Hanover & Elm Grove by-election


Joyce Edmond-Smith with David Gibson Green candidate

Pic: Former Labour councillor for Hanover & Elm Grove Joyce Edmond-Smith backs David Gibson, the Green Party candidate in the Hanover & Elm Grove by-election

Joyce Edmond-Smith, a well-known former Labour councillor, who represented the Hanover neighbourhood for many years, has announced she will be voting for David Gibson, the Green Party candidate in the Hanover & Elm Grove by-election on Thursday 11 July.

The by-election is to fill a vacancy caused by the retirement of councillor Matt Follett who moved away from Brighton for family reasons.

Joyce was a senior councillor in the last Labour administration 2003-7, chairing the council’s Sustainability Commission.

She was a force in ensuring much needed environmental improvements in Hanover in recent years including tree planting, traffic calming and the roll-out of the City Car Club.

Joyce said, “I am very pleased to support David Gibson in the Hanover & Elm Grove by-election.

“As councillor for this area myself for many years, I know from experience the commitment and the involvement David has had with many aspects of the Hanover & Elm Grove community.

“A great plus for me is that David lives in the ward and I am confident that, as our representative, we will benefit from his knowledge and that he will continue the involvement and commitment he has already shown to the benefit of his constituents.

“The person I support is someone who combines several qualities; as a representative of Hanover & Elm Grove I was proud to claim “green credentials” – even before a political party of that name came into being.

“So as someone responsible for tree planting, traffic calming, the car club, amongst other things during my period of office, I would be looking for someone to continue that commitment: to be pro-active in actions to benefit the ward and to be prepared to support constituents on issues of social justice and issues of concern to them.

“I have known David for some years and I believe he is just that person.

“It is clear from his existing record that he will be a rounded, caring and effective representative for the people of Hanover & Elm Grove.”

David said, “I am delighted to have the backing of probably the most respected and environmentally principled former Labour councillor that the Hanover & Elm Grove neighbourhood and the city has ever had.

“I have known Joyce for many years; she has been a strong supporter of Hanover Action for Sustainable Living (HASL).

“We share a commitment to green issues and social justice.

“I am extremely grateful for Joyce’s trust in me and if elected I will do my best to honour this trust.”

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