David Gibson stands as the Green candidate for the Hanover & Elm Grove by-election



Pic: A street in Hanover neighbourhood, Brighton

Brighton and Hove Green Party has selected David Gibson to contest the Hanover & Elm Grove by-election following the resignation of Matt Follett.

David works in housing and community regeneration.

DavidGibsonDavid said, “I’ve been a community campaigner all my life, both locally and nationally, where I set up a national housing campaign, ‘The Daylight Robbery’, which got the law changed to end an unjust tax on council tenants which was used to fund benefits.

“The change paved the way for the current system where councils get to keep all of the rents paid, for investment locally.

“I am also a co-founder of Hanover Action for Sustainable Living: HASL.

“Like many people in Brighton, I became a Green after being inspired by our Green MP Caroline Lucas and because the Green Party was the only political party prepared to challenge the creaking status quo propped up by the Conservative and Labour parties – especially after Labour lost its way under Tony Blair, took the country into the Iraq war and, in Peter Mandelson’s words, became “intensely relaxed about people getting filthy rich”.

“I don’t see Labour leaving that legacy behind them any time soon, being the recent architects of so many present troubles, from bedroom tax to NHS privatisation, and being champions of cuts and austerity.

“I love living in Hanover; I’m active in the community and I’m also a member of the Hanover Community Association.”

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For more information please contact Brighton and Hove Green Party office on 01273 766 670.



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