Green councillors' position on Councillor Christina Summers' vote against same-sex civil marriage


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Pic: rainbow equality flag

One Green councillor out of 23 voted against Green Party policy and against civil marriage for same-sex couples in a motion at the 19 July meeting of Brighton & Hove City Council.

Councillor Christina Summers has a longstanding faith belief which opposes marriage equality.

Councillor Phelim Mac Cafferty, deputy leader of Brighton and Hove City Council, who identifies as gay, said, “Greens have always been and remain the party most positive about same-sex civil marriage, being the first mainstream party, with human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell, to pioneer the idea that marriage, not just the separate civil partnership, should be opened to everyone – so same-sex couples as well as everyone else.

“This was when the other parties were still debating whether civil partnerships should be permitted at all…

“Councillor Summers has a long standing position of conscience about religious marriage, based on her faith.

“Greens believe she is entitled to hold her view but this does not reflect the position, spirit and track record of the Green Party in extending human and civil rights for all social groups irrespective of sexual orientation or on other grounds. Green councillors will be meeting to discuss this issue soon.”

Green councillors do not have a whip and on matters of conscience councillors are permitted to vote freely.


For more information please contact Brighton and Hove Green Party on 01273 766 670.



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