Caroline Lucas appeals to Brighton and Hove voters


Caroline Lucas
Appeal to voters: Caroline Lucas MP

Green MP Caroline Lucas highlights potential for historic win on eve of Brighton & Hove elections.

Brighton Pavilion’s Green MP has made a final appeal for Brighton and Hove voters to go Green in tomorrow’s local elections – and help to elect the UK’s first Green-led council.

Voter crossSpeaking on the campaign trail in central Brighton this afternoon, Caroline Lucas MP, who is also leader of the Green Party of England and Wales, said, “Last year, the people of Brighton Pavilion helped make history by electing the UK’s first Green MP.

“A vote for the Green Party in tomorrow’s local elections could help elect the UK’s first ever Green-led council in Brighton and Hove.

“Many people I’ve spoken to on the doorsteps in recent weeks feel disillusioned with politics.

“Having been let down badly by the three main parties, they wonder who they can trust with their vote.

“The Green Party offers a different kind of politics, and a compelling vision for a fairer, more sustainable future with social justice and the environment at the heart of local government.

“The Greens in Brighton and Hove now have the same number of councillors as Labour – and an MP – and we hope to make gains across the city.

“We are determined to get the best possible deal for Brighton and Hove in these difficult times.”

Caroline, who has been one of the strongest voices against the coalition government’s policies on the economy and the environment, continued:

“Councils everywhere are now feeling the effects of the Conservative-led coalition’s savage public spending cuts. In our city, at least 2,000 public sector and 2,000 private sector jobs could be lost as a result.

“Greens are fiercely committed to defending jobs and protecting services for the most vulnerable – from early years learning to services for rape and domestic violence survivors. And our councillors will do all they can to harness the city’s energy and creativity to allow the local economy to flourish.

“We are also determined to tackle Brighton and Hove’s housing crisis, which has put 11,000 households on the waiting list – ending the scandal of empty properties and providing new affordable homes, together with an ambitious programme to insulate every home and install renewable energy technologies to cut fuel poverty, energy bills and carbon emissions.”

The Pavilion MP concluded: “Whether it’s championing the local economy, standing up for LGBT rights, protecting green spaces, or improving recycling provision, a vote for Green councillors is a vote for a greener, fairer deal for all in Brighton and Hove.”



For more information please contact the Brighton and Hove Green Party office on 01273 766 670.

Read Brighton and Hove Green Party’s 2011 council manifesto here:




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