Your St Peter's and North Laine Councillors

Your Green Councillors are:

Lizzie Deane

Lizzie Deane

Councillor Lizzie Deane is a former deputy leader of the Council and Chair of Licencing, Lizzie has a record of defending quality of life for local people. She supported the successful campaign to save Bright Start Nursery and opposed the proposed party hotel in Queen Square.
Louisa Greenbaum

Louisa Greenbaum

Louisa Greenbaum is a passionate environmental campaigner. She believes sustainability must underpin all decisions we make, to safeguard future generations; and achieving recognition as the world's first One Planet City sets us up to do just that. As a parent, Louisa knows the pressure on families face especially from the Government's misguided drive for austerity.
Pete West

Chair of Brighton & Hove City Council
Member of the South Downs National Park Authority (SDNPA) (BHCC appointee)
Member of SDNPA Policy & Performance Committee
Trustee of Brighton & Hove Conservation Trust
Sussex-born, Pete is a father of three children.
Pete was the first Green Party councillor elected in Brighton and Hove, representing the former St Peter’s ward from 1996 to 2003, and, following a break as a councillor, was re-elected to the city council in May 2007 to represent the enlarged St Peter's & North Laine ward.
He trained and worked as a telecoms development engineer and received a first class hons. degree in electronic engineering and a masters in engineering with business management from Brighton University.