Animal protection working group

Formed in 2003, the group initially focused on fact-finding and deciding what campaigning to do within the Brighton and Hove area. We met monthly over a period of years and formulated policy, did lots of stalls, and participated in campaigns.

We have continued to update our animal protection policy. Its specifically written to apply to local animal concerns, but based on our National Green Party policy.

As Green councillors were elected, we started to work specifically with those either on the relevant committee , or those with a specific passion for animal protection. Getting councillors elected has enabled us to implement policies through these formal channels. Having successfully gained eight Green council seats during the period 2008- 2011 , we were able to start this process. It can be seen that during the period 2011-2015 being in minority administration, has enabled much more to be achieved. (see attached leaflet)

We meet if there's something specific to work on, or to plan campaigns we are running ,so meetings tends to be on an ad hoc basis. Most of the achievements featured in the leaflet on the right were accomplished by a couple of individuals from our group of volunteers, working with councillors. We sometimes run stalls, and indeed did a very successful one at the recent Vegfest 2015, where it was a joy to meet and be with the young green vegan surge.

Please do contact me via the general party office should you wish to ask about our policy or see what campaigns we are currently involved in. However, if you have a welfare concern about an animal please ring the animal welfare officers at the council on 01273 292446

Alison Plaumer
Chair APWG Brighton and Hove Green Party

Party Office: tel 01273 766 670