Greens remain the only party on Brighton and Hove City Council consistently speaking up for our community against Brexit. Your local councillors have been fighting to ensure public services are protected, and to oppose any weakening of environmental protections or worker’s rights. Most of all, Greens stand in solidarity with our communities – who must be given a People’s Vote.

Last year the EU invested £17m to support 600 farmers around Brighton; it has invested over £100m to support research projects and £1m to create jobs. 50 local projects could stand to lose EU funding after Brexit. 

The Local Government Association calculates that local communities face an £8.4bn funding gap from the point the UK exits the EU. 


  • Successfully proposed that Brighton and Hove City Council become the first English Council to formally back a ‘People’s Vote’  - and write to the Government calling for one
  • Pushing for for ‘Green Guarantees,’ including:
    - no NHS sell off
    - security and sanctuary for migrants and refugees
    - reinstatement of bursaries for nurses affected by Brexit ‘exodus’
  • Called for the Council to remain a member of Eurocities, a partnership which has brought in funding and support for employment work, career advice and environment project
  • Demanded that the council lobby the Government for impact assessments, so our city can understand what leaving the EU means
  • Pushing the local Council for an  analysis in every council report that shows how Brexit will affect the delivery of our city’s public services;
  • Pushing the Labour Council for reassurance that Brighton and Hove City Council will maintain existing protections for workers and the environment in the event of the UK leaving the EU
  • Marching in solidarity with all those calling for a People’s Vote in our city and beyond. Green Councillors backed over 1,399 Brighton and Hove petitioners calling for a People’s Vote last year
  • Continue to push the Labour Council to speak up for Brighton and Hove in the face of damaging Government Brexit plans
  • We stand alongside our communities most affected by Brexit, particularly those who have been the victims of a spike in hate-crime

Speak out for anti-Brexit Brighton and Hove

By matttraini | 15th January 2019

15 January 2019 Speak out for anti-Brexit Brighton and Hove Labour Party leadership: support a People’s Vote, Greens urge The Labour Council must speak out against a damaging Brexit deal for the city and back a People’s Vote, Greens have said this week. Council reports have revealed that Brighton and Hove faces a local funding […]

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Renewed push for a say on Brexit deal as 1,399 residents sign People’s Vote petition coming to Council

By hannahclare | 16th October 2018

Popular Green Party petition will be heard by all parties and triggers Council debate Thousands of Brighton and Hove residents have signed a petition calling for a ‘People’s Vote’ on any Brexit deal. The petition, started by Green Party Councillor Pete West, states: “The government and parliament were given a mandate to negotiate a Brexit […]

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Councils mired by cuts cannot bear a Brexit double whammy

By hannahclare | 21st September 2018

We have every right to be anxious about the impact of Brexit on our Council and its services, writes Councillor Phélim Mac Cafferty following a speech on the People’s Vote Just this week further details of the Brexit mess have been unveiled: The National Audit Office has slammed government departments for their inadequate planning for […]

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Brexit: What it truly means to 'Let the People Decide.'

By hannahclare | 30th January 2018

Brighton and Hove City Council has become the first to support a Green proposal for a public say on the terms of any Brexit deal (a so-called ‘Ratification referendum’). Green Councillor Leo Littman questions whether a ‘hard Brexit’ really is ‘the will of the people.’  — Who said: “In a 52-48 Referendum this would be […]

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Greens demand answers on what Brexit will mean for Brighton and Hove – and call for ratification referendum

By matttraini | 18th December 2017

18 December 2017   Local Green Councillors will this week demand a ratification referendum on Brexit as part of proposals seeking greater clarification on the impact any ‘Brexit deal’ will have on Brighton and Hove.   Proposals being put to a meeting of Full Council this Thursday 14th December from the Greens will ask the Council […]

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Green success as local Council formally backs call for Brexit ‘final deal’ referendum

By matttraini | 15th December 2017

15 December 2017 Brighton and Hove City Council becomes first in country to vote in support of ratification referendum Brighton and Hove city Council has become the first in the UK to endorse a call for a referendum to ratify any final deal on Brexit after a proposal from the Green Group of Councillors received […]

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Article 50 – our exit from the E.U now underway

By hannahclare | 31st March 2017

The triggering of Article 50 will put Brighton and Hove and the country into a state of uncertainty. The Conservative government is pursuing an extreme exit from the European Union with no assurances on the environment, workers’ rights or, as the so-called ‘party of business’, even trade. Brighton and Hove City council now faces a […]

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Greens call on Council to maintain workers’ rights and environment post-Brexit

By matttraini | 21st July 2016

Green councillors have submitted a motion to the next meeting of Brighton and Hove City Council on Thursday, requesting that the council maintain existing protections for workers and the environment in the event of the UK leaving the EU. Greens say while they respect the outcome of the referendum nationally, steps should be taken that […]

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BLOG: Stand together

By paulsteedman | 29th June 2016

  “I was at the count for the referendum in the Corn Exchange and walked out of it early on Friday morning with a very sad feeling. I moved here from Ireland and have lived and worked in this country for more than half of my adult life and it really felt that this was […]

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Greens say Brighton & Hove must shine brighter in face of division

By hannahclare | 24th June 2016

Greens vow to fight for workers and the environment after Brexit win June 24th, 2016 Green Councillors in Brighton and Hove have vowed to fight against a “bonfire of regulations” which could be seen following the EU referendum result to leave the EU.  Greens say they will oppose any weakening of environmental protection or worker’s […]

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