Mary Bacchoo

Mary Bacchoo has initiated a number of ways to make a difference. Here is her latest initiative on show at Hove Beach Huts:

What did you do with bottle bricks that people give you?

I used them to construct a Christmas art installation that will later form a permanent bench at a local school that has been involved in the project. I want to re-imagine , reuse , regift the message for Christmas. This was part of the Hove Beach Hut event, which included an Advent Spiral walk way. My installation was shown on 8th December 2017 at Advent beach hut 305.
I also intend to build a bottle brick eco house, to gather the local community to transform the plastic rubbish we have now, stop it going to land fill.


Best day so far?

Meeting and talking to the children and older people and handing them “a tool to act”, to make a difference. This begins with the process of collecting and making ‘Bottle Bricks’; changing the children's perspective  and habits and giving them something tangible and useful towards solving the problem we have with plastic. It's the conversations and light bulb moments I am having each day with people from 3-98 years old who are making the bricks 

Who do you hold in awe?

The people who all over the world, who with small acts of resistance often with courage and ingenuity are changing the world
Naomi Kline says in her book ' no is not enough ' we have to say 'yes ' to act now , with collaboration  and community
That is what bottle brick community projects do!

How can people help?

Start making  bottle bricks!
This is how to make ‘bottle bricks’ for more info. See how one person can make a difference.
Join me in building a eco house are organising advent Beach Hut Event throughout December
My night was the 8th December.
There is a worldwide movement to use plastic bricks

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Mary Bacchoo