Greens on city council announce ‘shadow cabinet’ members, following council by-election win

10 July 2024 – The Green Group of Councillors on Brighton & Hove City Council have announced their ‘Shadow Cabinet’, reflecting roles taken up by Labour Councillors under the new cabinet system of governance that was introduced this May.

The announcement comes ahead of Full Council this Thursday 11 July, where newly-elected councillor, Ollie Sykes, will sit for the first time since he last served as a councillor in 2019.

While Greens have been critical of Labour’s decision to switch to the cabinet system – a change which was not mentioned in the party’s 2023 manifesto – they recognise the need to work within the system they have been given, and believe a shadow cabinet is an important part of that.

Green group of councillors July 2024

Under the previous committee system, opposition parties were able to sit on policy committees, representing people who did not vote for the administration.

The new cabinet system removes the direct involvement of opposition councillors in most decisions, instead relying on ten Labour ‘Cabinet Members’. Decisions involving expenditure of under £1m and affecting only one ward, can be made by just one Cabinet Member.

Cllr Steve Davis (he/him), Leader of the Opposition said: We still believe that the Cabinet System is wrong for our council and should not have been forced on the city by Labour, when they clearly had no mandate to do so. However, we have to work under the system they have put in place and this represents an important step for us in being able to hold the Cabinet to account. 

“We have an incredible group of Green Councillors, made even stronger by the addition of Ollie Sykes, and we look forward to scrutinising the decisions of the Labour-led Council, making sure they deliver what is best for our city.”

Cllr Steve Davis remains the official Leader of the Opposition, with Cllrs Raphael Hill and Chloë Goldsmith as Deputy Leaders.

The full list of Shadow Cabinet Members is as follows:

Cllr Steve Davis – Shadow Member for Transport

Cllr Ollie Sykes – Shadow Member for Finance

Cllr Ellen McLeay – Shadow Member for Housing and New Homes

Cllr Sue Shanks – Shadow Member for Children, Families and Youth Services

Cllr Raphael Hill – Shadow Member for Adult Social Care and for Culture, Heritage and Tourism

Cllr Kerry Pickett – Shadow Member for Environment

Cllr Chloë Goldsmith – Shadow Member for Communities, Equalities and Human Rights

Cllr Pete West – Shadow Member for Sports and Recreation



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