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Local election crowdfunder launched

We love Brighton & Hove. The city we are proud to call home is friendly, openminded, and full of energy and creativity. But we know that our city has significant problems. After a decade of Tory cuts, and four years of a bitterly divided Labour Party running the council, Brighton & Hove is a city that has been let down.

We're a city of two halves, with stark inequalities. We have one of the highest rates of rough sleeping in the country. Bins go uncollected and our city centre is coated in graffiti and grime. Our public transport infrastructure is creaking.

In the meantime, it is the Greens' 11 amazing councillors - alongside Caroline Lucas in Parliament - who have been getting things done, even in opposition. We've secured a council-run night shelter for
rough sleepers, called for tough action on single use plastics and climate
change, saved Hove library, blocked the sale of our precious green
Downland and made Brighton & Hove the first council in the country to call for a People’s Vote.

We've been listening: residents want Brighton & Hove to remain a bold, vibrant, welcoming city but also one where jobs pay enough for people to live well. Where small businesses thrive. Where everyone has a roof over their head. A city which leads the way on tackling the climate emergency. Where everyone benefits from the city’s own generation of clean power and heat. Where we take care of everyone in our community. Where we can all breathe clean air and have a recycling service that works.

A city to be proud of. A city for everyone. A city for the future.

To make this happen we need your help. The first step is to elect more Green councillors at May 2nd's local elections. And in doing that, we also lay the foundations for re-electing Caroline Lucas - and electing more Green MPs to join her in Parliament.