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Steady Green support in Westbourne by-election

23 December 2011

Louisa Greenbaum Green candidate WestbournePic: Louisa Greenbaum (C)

Commenting on the result of last night's by-election in Westbourne Ward, Hove, Luke Walter, Elections Coordinator for Brighton & Hove Green Party, said, "Our excellent candidate, Louisa Greenbaum, fought a wonderful campaign but this is a traditionally conservative ward and Graham Cox is a popular candidate somewhat in the mould of his long-standing predecessor, Brian Oxley.

"The Greens are in the middle of a council budget in which we're forced to absorb an unprecedented £35m of Tory-Coalition cuts and, in these difficult times, we have chosen to protect our most vulnerable adults and children by proposing a small council tax rise of 3.5%.

"No tax rise is ever popular yet voters have remained loyal: last night's result is a re-run of May 2011, with the leading parties placed in the same order and the Greens continuing with a quarter of the votes.

"The people of Westbourne have clearly accepted the Green budget and the Greens' performance during our first seven months in office.

"We believe that as our budget proposals take effect next year and people are able to see how well the city fares compared to other councils across the country, the voters of Brighton and Hove will agree with our judgement and will continue to support us across the city."


For more information please contact the Brighton and Hove Green Party office on 01273 766 670. 

Full result 

Susan Patricia Collard  The European Citizens Party  13

Graham Cox Conservative Party Candidate          1027

Louisa Elly Greenbaum  Green Party  645

Nigel Jenner The Labour and Co-operative Party Candidate  826

Gareth Jones Liberal Democrat 45

Paul William Perrin   UK Independence Party (UK I P) 36

Pip Tindall  Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts  20


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