Labour say consultation on libraries will "have to adapt" to budget decisions

05 February 2016

Green Councillors are using National Libraries Day on Saturday 6th February to highlight what it claims are “highly damaging” proposals by the Labour council to cut library services in the city.

Greens invite Labour council to join their protest at the Treasury

05 February 2016

Green councillors joined hundreds of residents, campaigners, council staff and trade unions from Brighton and Hove at the weekend to protest against the £68m cuts proposed by the Labour Council over the next four years.

Green councillors condemn "inhumane and divisive" immigration bill

28 January 2016

Green councillors in Brighton and Hove City Council are this week calling on the Council to publicly oppose the Immigration Bill currently being debated in Parliament. The Green motion will be discussed at the Council meeting this Thursday at Brighton Town Hall.

Brighton & Hove Greens call for alcohol tax revenues to pay for alcohol-related policing

25 January 2016

Green Councillors on Brighton & Hove City Council are urging central government devolve a proportion of alcohol tax receipts to local and police authorities, to bring about a simpler alternative to the Late Night Levy.

Greens express bitter disappointment over council withdrawal from Stonewall index

25 January 2016

Greens have voiced their disappointment with the Labour Council’s decision not to join the Stonewall Equality index this year.

Greens win freeze on charges for low emissions vehicles

22 January 2016

Following a meeting of the Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee this week, Greens secured an amendment which will see charges for car club vehicles and low emissions vehicle parking permits frozen for the next year.

Greens hail small victory for residents parking scheme

21 January 2016

Green councillors this week commended residents in the Fiveways area for their outstanding work campaigning for a controlled parking scheme, which secured a commitment from the Labour-led council to reconsider their decision to exclude the area from parking measures.

Greens call out Labour's "shocking hypocrisy" on parking fee rise

18 January 2016

The Greens say while the plans are the right move, they reveal the "shocking hypocrisy and opportunism" of the Labour Party who sought to score political points when the Greens put similar proposals forward last year.

Greens call for licensing of private sector landlords to improve housing standards

14 January 2016

Greens this week hailed proposals to introduce a licensing scheme for private sector landlords as a "vital step" in improving housing standards for over 34,000 households living in the private rented sector.

Greens vote down Labour's "regressive" housing budget

14 January 2016

Green councillors on the Housing & New Homes Committee this week voted down Labour's proposed housing budget for 2015/16 in order to save key services for Council housing tenants.

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