Manifesto launch 26 March

Rejuvenating Our City: Brighton and Hove Greens launch 2015 Local Election Manifesto

26 March 2015

Councillor Phélim Mac Cafferty: "The future will be brighter for the planet and our citizens with the Greens making the decisions in the town hall. We are asking our citizens to come with us on the journey to make history again and Vote Green in the City Council elections on May 7th."

New council housing on Wellington Road

Greens have the best housing policy, says Ken Loach

19 March 2015

The Green Party has pledged to support the building of 500,000 new social homes by the end of the next parliament and would end the council house 'right-to-buy' policy

Greens Announce Full Line-up Of Council Candidates

13 March 2015

Brighton & Hove Green Party announces its full slate of candidates for the 54 seats in the May 2015 Brighton & Hove council elections.

Green council leader honoured for contribution to local government

05 March 2015

Councillor Jason Kitcat has won the ‘Judges Special Award for Contribution to Local Government’ at the sixth annual LGIU (Local Government Information Unit) Councillor Achievement Awards.

Green-led council wins £8m to rejuvenate the heart of the city

20 February 2015

Councillor Ian Davey: "The project will carry on the fine work that has been done at The Level, and the ongoing improvements at the iconic St Peter's Church, stretching down through the gardens to the Royal Pavilion, transforming this green heart of our city. As well as linking together the historic open spaces to create a new city centre park, the simplified transport routes accompanying it will improve journey times for everybody whether they are walking, cycling, using a bus or taxi, or driving."

Communities against cuts

Our City Our Future - anti-austerity campaign launch in Brighton & Hove

13 February 2015

Green campaigners are demanding the restoration of £18m in local funding that has been axed by the Coalition Government in 2015.

Greens win national transport award for Lewes Road improvements

08 February 2015

Green-led Brighton and Hove City Council has won a national transport award for the recent Lewes Road improvement scheme, beating 87 other entrants. The Smarter Travel Awards and Brighton & Hove won the ‘most improved journey to work” for improvements to Lewes Road.

Caroline Lucas: rail companies must pay out more for repeat delays

07 February 2015

Caroline Lucas MP held talks with the Rail Minister and train bosses this week, calling for urgent improvements to services. She called for the summit last month amid further fare hikes and continued disruptions for passengers across the South East.

Green councillors reveal how 5.9% can make a difference

06 February 2015

Councillor Ollie Sykes: “Our proposed council tax rise cannot reverse central government cuts: to do that would be too much for any normal household to bear. But it can protect, partly or wholly, vital services for those who need them the most: the elderly, adults in care, children and those living below the poverty line.”

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