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Brighton councillor welcomes ban on 'murder music' singer

4 November 2004

4 November 2004

Brighton & Hove Green City Councillor Simon Williams, who is openly gay, is welcoming the Home Office's decision to ban 'Sizzla Kalonji' [real name Miguel Orlando Collins] - a Jamaican reggae artist who has incited the murder of lesbians and gay men and white people in his music and concerts.

Sizzla was due to tour the UK 3 - 8 November. The promoters of the cancelled tour face losses of around £100,000.

Sizzla: Home Office prevented him from entering UK

Simon Williams said: "It's good news that the Government is beginning to take the issue of murder music seriously. Artists like Sizzla are a threat to public order.

"Could you imagine allowing an artist into the country who preached the murder of other minority groups such as ethnic minorities or the disabled? Sizzla has openly incited the murder of gay and white people in his concerts.(1)

"With reported homophobic attacks in Brighton and Hove rising steeply (2) -and the murder of a gay man in London's West End at the weekend - the gay community needs to be protected from those in the music industry who produce and promote homophobic murder music. This includes the record chains who refuse to take murder music off sale.

"Stopping murder music artists from performing is just one part of solving the problem: what we really need is new legislation to protect LGBT people from incitement to hatred in the same way that racial minorities are protected by the Race Relations Act. Only the Government can deliver this."

Councillor Simon Williams serves on the City Council's Community Safety Forum and is the Green Party's Parliamentary Candidate for Brighton Kemp Town in the general election.

Notes to editors:

See full National Green Party Release below. For more information in
Brighton & Hove please contact Geoffrey Bowden BHGP Communications Officer 07958 682 683

1. At the 1998 'Sumfest' Reggae concert in Jamaica, Sizzla urged his
audience to "Burn all white people". Sizzla sported controversy when he
made public endorsements at the 1998 Reggae Sumfest Festival in Montego
Bay. During his performance he agitated his audience, and in particular the
world press, after denouncing Queen Elizabeth II, homosexuals, and even the
Sumfest Festival.

He saved his most controversial racist diatribe for the finale when he
stated, "Burn all white people in Jamaica", this led to a stunned silence
from the multi-racial crowd. His attempts to win approval failed, which
resulted in a talented performer being regarded as an embarrassment to
Jamaican music"

Example Sizzla lyrics at end of release.

2. Seasonal comparisons over April - June 2004: 2003 show a 76% increase in
reported homophobic attacks in Brighton & Hove [Brighton & Hove Crime and
Disorder Reduction Partnership Performance Activity Report Quarter 1: 2004
-5]. Some of this increase may be due to improved reporting procedures and
greater awareness of anti-crime services in the LGBT community.


Singer banned after gay-Green protest
4th Nov 2004

"Incitement to commit 'hate crime' simply cannot be tolerated."

The home office has denied entry into the UK to a singer whose lyrics
included incitement to the murder of white people and members of the gay
and lesbian community.

The move came after the Home Office was alerted to the threat by gay rights
campaign Outrage! and by the Green Party. Party chair Hugo Charlton was
notified directly by the Home Office that Jamaican singer Miguel Orlando
Collins (otherwise known as Sizzla Kalonji) would be denied a visa.

Mr Charlton, a London barrister who is also the Green Party's spokesperson
on home affairs, commented:

"This is one of those rare occasions when the right to free speech or
artistic self-expression has been so grossly misused that a ban is
justified. Incitement to commit 'hate crime' simply cannot be tolerated."

Nigel Tart, the Green Party's national spokesperson on lesbian, gay,
bisexual and transgender issues, said today:

"Sizzla's presence in the UK would have been a potential threat to public
order, the safety of gay and white people, and to community relations.

"It is not in the public interest that he be allowed into the country. This
is a great relief that the Home Office has denied a visa. Sizzla has
preached and incited the murder of white people and members of the lesbian
and gay community in his songs and at concerts. We are pleased our party's
lobbying and those of campaign groups - especially Outrage! and Peter
Tatchell has paid off and the Government has listened."

Peter Tatchell, the well-known gay human rights campaigner who recently
joined the Green Party, said:

"At a concert in Chicago in 12 April 2002, Sizzla not only urged his
audience to kill gays, he boasted that he personally kills queers.

"According to the Jamaica Observer newspaper, 3 September 2004, Sizzla's
neighbours in Kingston Jamaica have demanded that he leave the community.
They say his associates are linked to at least three murders."

"Kill gays" Murder Music lyrics by Sizzla Kalonji

Lyrics in Jamaican patois, with the standard English translation
underneath in brackets [ ].

Sizzla - Pump Up

Step up inna front line
[Step up to the front line]

fire fi di man dem weh go ride man behind
[burn the men who have sex with men from behind]

Shot battybwoy, my big gun boom
[Shoot queers, my big gun goes boom]

Sizzla ? Boom Boom

Boom boom! Batty boy them fi dead
[Boom boom (as in gunshots) Queers must be killed]

Sizzla - Get To Da Point

Sodomite and batty bwai mi seh a death fi dem
[Sodomite and queers, I say death to them]

Mi no trust babylon fi a second yah so
[I don't trust Babylon for a second]

Mi a go shot batty bwai dem widdi weapon ya
[I go and shoot queers with a weapon]

At a reggae concert in Chicago on 12 April 2002, Sizzla bragged that
he kills queers, and also incited the audience to murder gays and

"mi nuh go tek back mi chat... mi kill sodomite and batty man dem
bring aids and disease pon people... shot a kill dem, mi nuh go tek
back mi chat"
[I wont take back my words?I kill sodomites and queers, they bring
AIDS and disease upon people?shoot and kill them, I won't take back my


A report by Amnesty International, dated 17 May 2004, about a reggae
concert in Jamaica earlier this year, documented Sizzla and other
reggae stars abusing and threatening to kill gay men.

"Throughout the night, Capleton, Sizzla and others sang almost
exclusively about gay men. Using the derogatory terms for gay men -
"chi chi men" or 'battybwoys' - they urged the audience to 'kill dem,
battybwoys haffi dead, gun shots pon dem. Who want to see dem dead,
put up his hand'

[kill them, queers have got to die, gun shots in their head, whoever
wants to see them dead, put up your hand]


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