Green Party's Annual Conference in Hove

21 September 2006

21 September 2006

Today sees Brighton and Hove Green Party welcome the national conference for four days to our city, one of our heartlands.

There are a wide range of events and fringe meetings open to the public without the need to register as an observer or delegate. Most of these events are held at the council chamber at Hove Town Hall, Norton Road, Hove.

The open schedule is listed below.

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You can register as an observer if you are a non-member and want to attend the main conference events.

Thursday 21 September

1200 - 1250 Young Greens and Education Policy

YGs present their views on Green Party education policy - chaired by Francesca Richards YG Chair

1420 - 1510 Faith Schools: why do we need them?

A topical debate designed to question our current policy on religious schools and explore if they serve any positive function. We are hoping to have representatives from a variety of religious schools including Jewish, Catholic, Muslim and Buddhist. Chair Matthew Follett

1800 - 1850 Higher education: what is inclusion for? With Paul Myszor educational psychologist and Tara Flood Alliance for Inclusive Education

Paul Myszor, Educational psychologist - Explores whom Higher education is aimed at, who benefits from it and in what ways. Also some discussion of how this relates to the current funding crisis in Higher Education.

1900 - 1950 What a state we're in! Civil liberties and human rights in Britain today

Under New Labour long-established civil liberties and fundamental human rights are under unprecedented attack. This session will provide an overview of the extent of these attacks, how they can be resisted and what part the Green Party has in protecting civil liberties and promoting human rights.

Speakers include: Shami Chakrabati Executive Director, Liberty, Jean Lambert MEP, Green Member of the European Parliament for London, Liberty Council Member Jenny Jones AM Green Member of the Greater London Authority and Member of the Metropolitan Police Authority; chaired by Joseph O'Reilly

2000 - 21 00 Half Life: A film for Chernobyl - exclusive screening

Followed by a Q&A session with one of its directors Phil Grabsky 8pm - 9pm

On 26 April, 1986, reactor four at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant explodes, sending an enormous radioactive cloud over northern Ukraine and neighbouring Belarus. The danger is not immediately communicated and the local population go about their business as usual. After three days, an area the size of England becomes contaminated with radioactive dust, creating a 'zone' of contaminated land. Based on Mario Petrucci's award-winning book-length Poem for Chernobyl, this film tells the story of the people who dealt with the world's worst nuclear disaster at ground level: the fire-fighters, the soldiers, the 'liquidators' and their families.

Friday 22 September

1200 - 1250 Anti-vivisection a presentation and discussion

Alistair Currie (BUAV), Andre Menache (Animal Aid advisor), Colleen McDulling (Animal Behaviourist) and Dr Margaret Clotworthy (Europeans for Medical Advancement) present the case for an end to the use of animals in research

1800 - 1950 One Planet Living presentation by Bioregional

If everyone in the world lived as we do in Europe we would need three planets to support us. Therefore we need to reduce our impact - our ecological footprint by two thirds to a sustainable and globally equitable level. Different countries however are consuming at different levels. In the USA, five planets would be needed, whilst in China although now living within the one planet level, the current rapid development will lead to a massively increased impact.

2000 onwards Peak Oil and Climate Change with Dr Caroline Lucas MEP

Roger Cray-Osborne and Brighton activist Stephen Watson from peak oil campaign group Powerswitch speaking alongside Dr Lucas, is free and open to all. It will discuss the problem of dwindling oil and gas reserves alongside the urgency of cutting greenhouse gas emissions to stave off the worst impacts of climate change and observe that the answer to each problem is the same: reverse our dependence on fossil fuels.

Saturday 23 September

1200 1250 Community Banking in Brighton & Hove - Councillor Bill Randall

Cllr Bill Randall - A look at how 'community banks', credit unions, housing associations, local authorities and others work together to provide affordable credit to people with no money as an alternative to doorstep lenders.

1300 - 1350 Green Economics - the missing piece

Hosted by Green Economics Institute Miriam Kennet A cornerstone in winning elections - this has been the missing piece in many Green parties globally and is now developing fast and this will add to electoral attractiveness of Green parties.

1400 - 1510 The Middle East - where are we heading? Caroline Lucas MEP and Jean Lambert MEP

With ongoing chaos in Iraq, where 46 000 civilians have already died, and more British troops set for Afghanistan, Caroline Lucas MEP and Jean Lambert MEP (recently named MEP 2005 for Justice and Human Rights) discuss the ongoing situation in the Middle East.

1520 - 1610 Green Left Meeting

Introducing the Green Left grouping to the wider party with National Party Chair Richard Mallender and Derek Wall

1800 - 1850 Successful environmental campaigning

Sarah Longhurst, Hosted by the Environmental Law Foundation

1900 20.15 Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights in the UK after the Equality Act

With keynote speech by Peter Tatchell and panel discussion with politicians and legal experts

With the Equality Act now in force, the introduction of civil partnerships and the Government's new commitment to outlaw homophobic discrimination in goods and services, has the LGBT community largely won its battles for legal equality in the UK? Also with Cllr Darren Johnson Member London Assembly, Jean Lambert MEP for London, Patrick Harvey Member Scottish Parliament, Professor Aileen McColgan Kings College, London, Nigel Tart National Green party Speaker on LGBT issues. Hosted by the LGBT Green Party Group.

Sunday 24 September

1200 - 1250 Dairy Farming its impact on health and the environment

Can we be truly Green and eat animal produce? Toni Vernelli from Viva will talk about dairy and meat and the health implications for us, the animals and our environment. Live exports will also be dealt with.

1300 - 1350 Association of Green Councillors Incinerators and Waste Adrian Ramsay A chance for people to share ideas and resources for campaigning against incinerators.

Notes to editors:

For more information please contact the National Green Party Press Office on 020 7561 0282 or visit the information desk in the foyer at Hove Town Hall.


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