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Lewes Road bus and cycle lanes
Revolutionary new cycle lanes on the Lewes Road

Transport investment is crucial to our local economy and people’s livelihoods, as well as making everyone’s day-to-day lives easier, healthier and safer. The 2011 census showed that Brighton & Hove has the highest proportion of people walking to work in the South East, the second-highest proportion travelling to work by bus, minibus or coach; and the highest growth rate in cycling to work, outside of London. The census also showed a decline in car ownership, and more people walking, cycling and using public transport in general.

We have made huge strides in the last two years, building a transport system fit for a growing city in the twenty-first century. We’ve been extremely successful in attracting over £8m of external funding to the city for transport improvements at little or no cost to residents.

CIVITAS City of the Year Award

After being the runner-up in 2012 and 2013, in 2014 European transport programme’s CIVITAS named Brighton & Hove European City of the Year for Sustainable Transport

Least car dependent city outside of London

In 2012 the Campaign for Better Transport named Brighton & Hove the least car dependent city outside of London.

Bus usage increasing

Bus usage in the city increased by 5% in 2012. Brighton & Hove residents now make more bus journeys – 44.8 million a year - than residents anywhere else in the UK outside of London. Bus services are beyond the remit of the council as they are privately owned and their routes are independently controlled, but we are working to make our major arterial roads more bus-friendly.

Air quality improving

Air quality across much of the city has improved in the last two years, with pollution falling at 44 of 46 monitoring stations in Brighton & Hove. We are working with transport organisation in the city to develop a Low Emissions Zone, designed to tackle stubborn pollution hot-spots in the city centre.

20mph speed limits in residential streets

In response to concerns about road safety, especially for children and vulnerable adults, we’ve met our manifesto commitment to introduce 20mph speed limits in residential streets in the city centre. This brings Brighton & Hove into line with the many other councils that have introduced 20mph limits. We are now on course to provide the largest contiguous 20mph area in the UK.

Improving pedestrian crossings and street furniture

We are working on a range of improvements to the Brighton Lanes area and Preston Street, which are important retail, tourist and leisure areas. This includes repaving, simplifying signage and street furniture, and better pedestrian crossings.

Station Gateway project

We are leading the ‘Station Gateway’ project, which will see a much-needed revamp of Brighton station and the surrounding area, to make it easier for those using public transport, cycling or walking. This includes plans for one of the country’s largest station-based cycle hubs.

Old Shoreham Road improvements

We won £300k from cycle campaign group Sustrans to improve a major east-west route, the Old Shoreham Road, for pedestrians and cyclists. We have now completed work on a state-of-the-art cycle lane to support safe cycling, and new pedestrian facilities, particularly for children travelling to and from school on that route.

City car club expanding

The number of city car club hire vehicles has grown and we have the third largest fleet of such vehicles in the UK after London and Edinburgh.

Seven Dials junction redesign

We are part-way through a long-needed major overhaul of the previously dangerous Seven Dials junction, to make it safer and more inviting as a place for visitors and residents. Our bid attracted £300k of extra funding from central government. The overhaul is already receiving positive feedback.

Abolished waiting list for traders’ parking permits

We’ve abolished the 18 month waiting list for traders’ parking permits, meaning more traders are able to access the value and flexibility they offer. Those who need to park across the city to service their clients now don’t have to queue daily to get a day waiver.

Better Bus Area grant awarded

We’ve been awarded £3.4 million from the government’s ‘Better Bus Area’ fund to improve bus efficiency and punctuality in the Edward Street, Eastern Road and Valley Gardens areas.

Controlled Parking Zones to tackle nuisance parking

We’ve introduced Controlled Parking Zones, where residents have requested them, to tackle parking problems and make it easier for local residents who use cars to park closer to their homes and to tackle nuisance parking.